The components that make up our site.


Upload and share documents securely with council members and the public.


Simple tools to create brilliant looking web pages. 


Create and manage your own local news feed.

Contact Form

GDPR compliant way for the public to get in touch with your council.


Easily show a calendar of local events.


Create a dynamic gallery of your favourite images to any page.

 Councillor Profiles

Create a who's who of your council complimented by images.

 Responsive Design

One website that looks great on every device.

 User Control

Set up users and who can see what.

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iMac on desk whilst uploading a document using WCS

Document Management

The system provides a simple and effective way for managing documents. Documents can be made public or kept private for council members. The documents are organised by folders, documents can be uploaded and managed easily, just choose where it is on your computer and the system will do the rest.

Using a range of tools, you can easily put minutes and agendas into pages for the public. Once a document has been uploaded it will automatically appear in a pre formatted table on a page of your choice. When a document is changed WCS can email members to let them know. You can even see which users have read certain documents.

Macbook on park bench while editing a page on WCS


Using our in-built editor, creating a great looking web page is as easy as creating a word document, with all the formatting features only a click away, while maintaining the style of the site. You can add pictures, tables, links as well as add documents and folders to a page. Pages can also be private if you want them to be, therefore creating a intranet for logged in users.

Unlike other content management systems, you can just drag a page to where you want it in the menu structure, and it will automatically appear there. You can create menus, sub menus and even links to external sites e.g. District Councils.

iPad on coffee table displaying the news on Parish Council website


Post your latest news quickly with ease. News works just like pages but stories can show up alongside pages, scrolling through making a dynamic looking website. There is also a dedicated page for news which displays stories in chronological order with a teaser of the content. If a member of the public wants to read more, they can click on the story.

News often looks better with a picture so from the editor you can easily add the required images and embed them into your story.

iPhone on table showing the contact form on Parish Council Website

Contact Form

Let your Parishioners get in touch with you from the website, we can even setup rules for who receives the email of each contact type e.g. issues, info etc. 

The contact can be filled in from any device meaning that parishioners can get in touch with you while out and about.

Windows laptop in a office environment displaying calendar information and events


Quickly add events and meetings that the councils are holding or supporting. Set when and where the event is going to happen. Events can be viewed in a calendar format or as a list of the top 5 upcoming events. Events can store further information which can be viewed by clicking on the title.

Users can setup event categories and who has access to them, for example “Meeting” may only be council members and “Events” might be accessible by members of the public. 


iPad resting on secure briefcase with key showing the user admin form

User Control

As with everything User Control is manageable by you. All you need to do is create a user with their First name, Surname and Username. The system will check this isn’t a duplicate and send an email with their password, allowing them to confirm they are happy for these details to be held in accordance with GDPR.

Setup User Groups that users sit inside giving them access to different documents and pages. When they are logged in they are able to change their own details and preferences. All data is held in a secure environment. We regularly run security tests to mitigate risks and our ISO certification shows our commitment to storing customer data correctly.

Macbook overlooking stone bridge displaying the image of the location it is at

Show off your parish with a photo album. You can setup multiple galleries and add them to as many pages as you like. Each photo has a description so you can add some more content and explain the photos.

The scrolling feature automatically moves through the gallery images. You can look at any one in more detail by putting you cursor over them to read the description.

Parish council website displayed on TV showing the profiles of the Councillors

Councillor Profiles

Let parishioners know who your council is made up of. You can set up a profile for each council member with a photograph, further details and contact information. It will automatically create a list of members and you can set the style of it to display in several ways. You can even choose what organisation is in which list, so you could have a list of council members, county council members, and district council members.

Macbook and Samsung mobile on office desk showing the different views of the website

Responsive Design

Responsiveness is built into the system meaning you only have to create one page that is formatted automatically for any device, with no loss of content. This in-built formatting also means that accessibility is embedded into the system from the start.

We will work with you to make the website look like it is part of your brand. With assistance on modern design and styling we can make sure your website looks exactly how you want it to. The theme we create will be consistent throughout your website.