Case Study:

Haxby Town Council

Haxby Town Council had a previous well established website which they had had 10 years and as with websites of that time it was mainly a bulletin board. However, with the new regulations they felt they needed a site which complied with GDPR and where they could manage their council documents more easily.

The project involved taking pages from their existing website and putting them into the new system whilst giving them a website that was responsive and would work on a multitude of devices. Using their old website and in conversation with Councillors we were able to discuss and advice on the number of pages their site required and the content that was needed. This helped reduce their content making it more usable.

The project involved migrating their website to our system, moving the domain and setting up Microsoft Office 365 exchange mail boxes using their domain. This is because the ICO recommend the use of separate mailboxes rather than the use of personal ones for all councillors and full accounts (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint as well as email) for their clerks.

How we helped:

  • Provided WCS, and branded their new website inline with their old website.
  • Analyse existing website content and gave advice on content improvement.
  • Trained clerks and members to manage web content and documents using WCS.
  • Setup up Google Analytics to help them understand their audience.
Haxby Town Council Website Screenshot
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