3rd WCS User Group

WJP Software Limited held our Web Communication System User Group meeting online in November. Some of our key users were invited to see new features and discuss developments they would like to see. So great ideas came out of it that we will aim to add to our development over the next few months.

This was a relaxed and informal session which gave the opportunity to get help and support letting users make the most from their site.

•    We Introduced new features of the system, which are available on the system now.
•    Recapped some of the main features of WCS and the best practice in using them, along with improvements WJPS have added.
•    Time for users to get further training on how the system works best for them.

This is something we aim to do annually, and we invite current users to the system and people who are considering the system. If you would like to be included in future, please get in touch with us.

You can watch the User Group at https://vimeo.com/483624864


Published: 04/12/2020 Published by: James Proctor

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