Accessibility explained

Web Accessibility made simple videoWith the 23rd September 2020 deadline looming for all, old and new, public sector websites being accessible, over the last few weeks several potential clients have been coming to us for reassurances of what is expected for website accessibility. Therefore, we thought we would try and explain it and give some tips on how to ensure your site is accessible.


Website Accessibility will soon come under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, which in turn is part of The Equality Act. Therefore, on the 23 September public sector websites will come under this piece of legislation.

In layman terms, that means you need to make sure that people can access your website and the content held on it.


So similarly, to an office that has steps outside. A business will need to make it accessible to everyone. A small business may buy a portable ramp that can be put in place when someone needs it. A larger business might buy a stairlift or build a ramp. Both comply with accessibility but to different levels.


When it comes to a website, a small business such as a Parish Council might ensure its content is accessible (meaning it works with an individual's screen reader for example) and the developer has ensured the site is to the coding standard. Whilst a bigger business may buy add-ons such as, browsealoud and have text size changes built-in.


Both comply with accessibility standards but at different levels.


Focusing on the content is the clearest way of ensuring a Parish Council website is complying with accessibility. Why not view our  Accessibility presentation (by PDf) to find out more about our hints and tips on making your content accessible.  

Published: 04/02/2020 Published by: Rebecca Proctor

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