Beyond the Parish Council Noticeboard

parish council notice boardHow many times do parishioners wander or speed past a Parish Council noticeboard, unaware that you are spending your time promoting their community to improve facilities?


How many times do you hear your local community complain about the spoiled playground or the too busy GP surgeries unaware of the time you’re spending lobbying the Local and County Councils?


Do you ever wish that communicating what you’re doing is easier?


Pinning up an agenda, minutes or planning documents onto a noticeboard takes seconds (bar the walk or drive to the noticeboard, of course) but are they the most effective communication tool?

Websites and social media take time and resource but give you more of a platform to communicate with the breadth of your community. More importantly, they offer two-way communication so you can feedback opinions through polls, discussions or views. But they can be intimidating and take up time to update and you can get bogged down if you’re not the most technically minded.

Maybe more importantly, through analytics, a website will give you the: What; Where; When; Who; Why and How of your community so you are building up a picture which will give you the feedback you need to help make decisions which are right for your community.

At WJP Software Ltd we believe that a website should be as easy as pinning up an agenda on a noticeboard. Let our system and team guide you through the setup of a website which is right for you and ensure that in the long term you can sit in your warm, comfy living room pinning up your agenda rather than having to trudge out in the wind, rain or snow to pin that agenda up on the noticeboard.

Find out how we can support your website requirements through the features of our web communication system.


Published: 21/10/2019 Published by: Rebecca Proctor

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