How digital techniques can provide engagement from your community

Online Engagement

A recent blog, by Andrew Tubb, on the National Association of Local Councils website talks about the Innovative Democracy and how Parish and Town Council have a role to influence, participate and directly deliver to meet the needs of the local communities. However, in order to do this, how can Councils engage more regularly and effectively with the public to help shape policy and decision making through a continuum of engagement?

There are several ways offline, one of which is the Community Assemblies, which has been developed through the Innovative Democracy scheme. But how can online engagement tactics support offline events such as these? We have already written blogs about engaging the young person’s voice via your website, as well as using data gained from your website to offer direction, but are there other ways, you can use digital tactics to engage your community?

Some of our ideas include:

The benefits of online engagement are endless but we feel one of the main ones is offering everyone the opportunity to engage including hard to reach audiences who may well just come alive with ideas which no one else has thought of if the environment is right for them to do so.


Published: 11/02/2020 Published by: Rebecca Proctor

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