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We were recently asked a few questions for a potential client that could be easily sent onto Councillors at their next meeting. We thought that it was a great way to develop our FAQs, so here they are! 


How many Parish Councils have you built websites for?

We have built five Town and Parish Council sites. They are:


Bedale Town Council

Asikew and Leeming Bar Parish Council

Exelby, Leeming and Londonderry Parish Council

Snainton Parish Council

Burneston, Swainby with Allerthorpe and Theakston Parish Council


Have you developed any other sites that help show your experience and expertise?

Yes, our system is used by:


Bedale Hall

Bedale Community Minibus

Mashamshire Horticultural Society


The system was originally developed for several current NHS clients and 9 NHS specialist groups currently use the system. These are:


Stockton Quality Control Laboratory

Yorkshire Chief Pharmacist

Association of Teaching Hospital Pharmacist

North East Pharmacy Procurement Service

North East Specialist Pharmacy Services

Yorkshire and Humber NHS Pharmaceutical Purchasing Consortium

Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and Procurement North West

NHS Pharmaceutical Aseptic Service Group

Quality Control North West Scientific Services


These sites can be viewed by visiting our testimonials page. 


How long has your company been running? 

The business has been running since 2004 and became a Limited Company in 2011. If you are interested in how it all started visit our main site  and you can see what else we do! 


For the initial set up cost, how many pages will you create?

You can have as many as you want but we would recommend you start with no more than 10. It is easy to add more you need them at a later date.

Will these pages be fully populated by you to start with, if content can be provided during the development stage?

Yes, if you provide the content in a Word Document, we can populate the pages. 

How many hours of training are initially required for the website administrator?

About a morning or afternoon. Training is ongoing so even after initial training the support contract means you can go through anything else at a later date, or you can others trained on the system. 


Where would the training take place?

It is your decision. We are happy to come to you but if you fancy a trip over to Bedale to see us we can provide a cup of tea or coffee and car parking! Or we can do it remotely. 


How would the website be protected from hackers?

SSL Certificates - we use the latest programming standards to make this is combated against. The software was originally written for the NHS and that is high on their priority requirements.

What features would be incorporated into the site to provide effective Search Engine Optimisation for our site?

Meta tags and Meta descriptions are incorporated. Google Analytics will also be set up for you so you can see who is looking at the site, when and how they found you. This means you can amend your Meta Tags when you have more information. To find out more about How Google Analytics can support a Parish Council direction, visit our recent article


Would you offer ongoing SEO and if so at what additional cost?


Yes, we can do it. The cost would be £250 per year. This would include keeping a regular check on your Google Analytics, changing tags and content depending on what information is discovered. 


Could you give more detail on what upgrades, training and support will be provided annually (along with site hosting) for the annual fee?


Upgrades come in two forms - the ones you see and the ones you don't. The ones you see include:


- Adding new functionality to the system or improving how an existing feature works

- Correcting issues that we or others have noticed regarding current functionality and/or how the system looks

- our system uses some 'off the shelf' third party components, therefore, sometimes these have upgraded so we need to push them through to our clients


The ones you might not see include:

- Safety - we are constantly ensuring the system and your data is safe meaning we need to do the occasional security updates

- Backend communication - we update the system to improve how it communicates with the databased which sits behind the site

-Compliance - we sometimes must update the system to ensure it complies with new laws or standards, for example, Accessibility, and GDPR guidance


Support is offered throughout the year in several ways: our ticket system; phone; email; face to face and online documents. We can remotely login to your computers if you are having problems as well. We also run regular forums where you can join other clients to find out about updates, guidance changes or just allowing you to focus on your site. These are free of charge and dates will be emailed to you when they are organised. 


Training is provided at the start of the contract but if someone joins or you want someone else trained this can be arranged at any point in the year.


SSL is paid annually and they are automatically added as we would do for the domain.


If, for whatever reason, your company ceases trading, how easy would it be for another provider to offer support for our site?


The site could easily be moved to another server, however, the software running is built and owned by WJP Software Limited, so there would be no further updates. Saying this, we have no plans to go anywhere and have robust processes and procedures if anything happens.


In your experience, what have been the main advantages that other councils have benefited from having their dedicated website?


It offers the Parish Council the opportunity to promote what they do to a wider audience, meaning more of the community can find out what is going on making your voice louder when you go back to your County Council. A site can become the hub of the community and will offer audiences the opportunity to engage further. A site can also give you a breadth of information allowing you to make informed decisions, which may be a newsletter or notice on the parish noticeboard can't do. 



In your experience what are the main issues that councils experience when a new site is developed?


Adding too many pages which then get left un-used or forgotten about in the future. 



Published: 25/02/2020 Published by: Rebecca Proctor

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