How data and Google Analytics can support your Parish Council direction

Keeping track of the thoughts of your community supports the aims of the parish and town council agenda. Therefore, ensuring your website has google analytics enabled gives you access to a host of information which may come in useful when you discuss the coming years' priorities.

For those who see themselves as a novice in updating websites, google analytics may seem like a step too far. Yet, if you put the groundwork in, using the data really helps you get an insight into your community in an easy to use and navigate system that is free to use.Google Analytics acquisition pie chart

What data can you get and how does it help you?

Demographic – Who is looking at your website? In terms of age, gender, interests and the devices they use (i.e. desktop, mobile, and tablet) meaning you can adapt your site depending on the audience. Plus if you have information on their other interests it offers you opportunities to develop strategies to include these in the future

Social media platforms – Using and updating a number of social media platforms is time-consuming and often you don’t know whether anyone is looking at them. Google Analytics shows you where your referrals are coming from including whether your audience is coming from social media platforms. This means you can concentrate on the platforms which are offering the most referrals rather than spreading yourself too thin.

What your community is looking at – You can find out what people are looking at on your site, how long people are staying, where they go from one page to next and how long they stay. This offers you information on what people are finding most interesting, or if a lot stay on one page it could be the layout and style you have adapted meaning you can change the pages which aren’t being used or even get rid of them.

The more data you can access, the more knowledge you have which allows you to make informed decisions and choices. And when the information is sitting there why wouldn’t you use it?

We know how important data is, therefore, WJP Software Ltd’s Parish Council Website already has google analytics enabled, and we can talk you through how to get the most out of it in the training sessions we offer, meaning we have already done the groundwork for you.

Published: 03/12/2019 Published by: Rebecca Proctor

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