Improve your website: Usability

Road map to usabilityIsn’t it great when you go onto a website and you think, wow this looks nice?

But then that positive energy falls away when you realise that it is difficult to navigate, you can’t find anything you want and it is illogical!

We come across so many sites like this and are told about so many more, we thought we would put together a few hints and tips of what to think to ensure that you don’t fall into the trap of putting style over usability (but you can have both)!


User experience is everything if you don’t keep users happy they will bounce off your site quickly and not come back. You need to facilitate a smooth and positive user experience so before you start think about how a site should be navigated and what pages will be of most interest.



Most users scan rather than read therefore use an inverted pyramid style – the most important information at the top and make sure the content has only necessary content – no waffle.



Images and videos break up your text and, also, makes the site more visual but use images wisely. But make sure an image has been optimised because that can impact the site speed and speed of a site is one of the biggest reasons users leave quickly.


Mobile Responsive website

Think mobile

No website should not have responsiveness built into it. The majority of websites are now looked at via tablets or mobiles and a website should be built so that specification to meet our day to day lives.

Making your site user-friendly will automatically make a great looking site because you have thought it through beforehand. Style comes when a site works for your customers.



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Published: 03/03/2020 Published by: Rebecca Proctor

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