Improve your website: Speed

Speed is integral to the build of a website

One of the main reasons for users to bounce off your website is to do with the speed of the site. In an age when we want everything now, if a website doesn’t load quickly then users become bored or frustrated (can you admit to never clicking on the mouse to try and get to a page quicker?). This means that a user's perception of a site can be damaged and they won’t return.

Using techniques such as optimising your images and not putting too much content with a simpler approach and design to your user ability will help with the speed of your site, plus the speed of loading a site should be integral at the build stage of the site but there are other things you can do.

To get going, check the actual speed of your site via free websites such as Think with Google or GTMETRIX and using our hints and tips plus the ones you get through these sites will give you an idea of how your site runs and also some hints and tips of how to improve.

Published: 03/03/2020 Published by: Rebecca Proctor

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