How a parish council website can support the community through the Coronavirus pandemic

Information Hub WebsiteParish and town councils can play an integral part in the current Coronavirus pandemic by being a place to inform and support its community. As part of this, a website offers the chance to be an ideal place to support local organisations and community groups by providing a co-ordinated approach, as well as acting as an information hub for its local community.

By updating your website with the latest information, it offers your local community a trusted source where everyone knows what is posted is accurate. Whether you post directly from national sites, or you adapt the information, so it is relevant to your community, you have a real opportunity to support your local people. Examples of what you could be posting includes:

The main idea during this time, is to use your website effectively and what it is there for – an information and support hub for your local community.


Published: 31/03/2020 Published by: Rebecca Proctor

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