•  Initial setup and Design

    WJPS can align the site to your colour scheme and logo, along with add initial content.

  •  Google Analytics

     Gives you insights into how people find and use your website.

  •  Training

    Explaining to one or a few members of your Council on how to use the website.

  •  Hosting

    WJPS will hold your website on its secure servers allowing it to be viewed on the Internet.

  •  Professional Support

    Online documentation alongside support desk, email, phone or remote support is provided by our team.

  •  SSL Security Certificate

    When installed activates a padlock allowing a secure connection from the web server to a browser.

  •  Website Backup

    A copy of your website data is held on our server so if anything, unfortunate occurs we can reinstall.

  •  Domain name (excluding

    In discussion, we will advise and provide you will the name of your website or website address.

  •  Backed up Email Accounts

    A copy of your email accounts is kept online to ensure protection.

  • Domains

    Buying a domain name which signifies your site is part of the administration of the state

  •  Bespoke Development

    Development of the site to include specific requests for a unique purpose only required by your Council

  •  Content Writing

    Provide content for your pages to get you started and edit, proofread and check Accessibility across the site.

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